I’ve been an enthusiastic user of sewing machines ever since my husband bought me one for Xmas a few years ago. Using my sewing machine for a variety of tasks and projects got me interested in these clever little appliances. I did some research and thought a great way of organizing my thoughts and insights was to set up this site. These days there are a bewildering array of features and differing capabilities in the sewing machine appliance. It is important that when choosing which sewing machine is right for you to understand what it is that you are actually getting for your money.

Knowing how what to look for in a sewing machine, what is the best sewing machine for your needs and what to definitely avoid is the purpose of this site. After all you are likely to be spending in excess of $100 on your machine. No one likes to waste money on something that doesn’t work for them, or doesn’t do the job they hoped it would do as well as they wanted.

We have looked at the best sewing machines to buy for a variety of uses. Whether we are talking about the best sewing machine for beginners, the best sewing machine for the money or just the best rated sewing machines out there. I think we have something useful for you, so please read my reviews and let me know what you think.